ToniqLabs TipCan

We are ToniqLabs - we have a focus on developing some amazing tools and projects on the Internet Computer! We are a DFINITY Foundation Grantee and we love building the decentralized future. Here is a list of some the projects we have completed:

  • Stoic Wallet - our web-based full wallet with staking and token management
  • EXT - our extendable token standard for the IC
  • Our only Token tool which allows you to create your own IC Tokens
  • Cronics, our NFT critters that are served directly from the IC

If you want to support us, you can follow us on Twitter and Medium. If you are feeling generous you can use our TipCan canister below, which is also the first working example of a fundraising canister on the IC. Just enter your address to generate a dedicated donation address just for you.

To recognise those that support us financially, anyone that donates at least 0.2ICP (the cost of a few developer "cycles" i.e. cups of coffee) will receive a free Cronic NFT! Numbers are limited, so be in quick.

There are no free gifts left. If you want to learn more about the Cronics project then check out the Medium article here.

There are no free Cronics remaining sorry! Thank you so much for the support!